Maxibrake Springbrakes are manufactured for Heavy Duty Vehicles.

  • 1,000,000 cycle proven piston design
  • All-steel cylinder construction
  • Low modulating, hold-off and release pressures
  • Easy to service
  • Available in Type 20,24,30,36,50

Quality components give Gustin-Bacon Maxibrake spring brakes the reliability needed for everyday operation. All steel housings provide strength, durability and extra corrosion resistance. Inside, wide skirt pistons in the spring chamber permit maximum guidance stability that diffuses lateral and twisting motion. The piston design provides a large pressure emergency/parking spring. Strong steel-alloy springs used in Maxibrake spring brakes are coated with a self-sealing rust inhibitor for corrosion resistance.

Deeper spring cavities and optional spring force outputs allow the springs to operate at low stress levels with uniform output and a long service life. Maxibrake units cannot be released manually making them inoperative. Once actuated, they cannot be released until there is sufficient air to compress the spring. Therefore, the vehicle cannot be moved until the air supply is at a safe level.

Inspection or replacement of the service chamber diaphragm is easy. The service brake diaphragm is readily accessible without first caging the spring brake. Simply loosen the band clamp and remove the pressure plate. the band clamp and remove the pressure plate.

Sealco/Westinghouse/Bendix/PBR valves, Genuine or non genuine can be supplied. We have a complete range for all Trailers and Prime Movers. Suzi Coils , connectors, Air Brake Hose, Tubing, as well as a full range of Push to connect fittings in Imperial and Metric.


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